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FBL Swirl Fluidized Bed Pelletizing and Coating Machine

FBL Swirl Fluidized Bed Pelletizing and Coating Machine


Detailed description

      The swirl bed granulating and coating machine is a fluidized bed with blade structure made of fluidized bed and the blade is inclined to a certain extent, so that the airflow passes through the clearance of the blade, forming a strong circulation-like airflow, which makes the material move orderly like a whirl. At the same time, the pneumatic nozzle installed on the side wall sprays the adhesive or coating liquid into the whirl-like material layer, thus the powder can be granulated or connected. Continue uniform coating.
      It is widely used in powder granules and powder, granules, pills film, enteric-coated, slow-release coating, as well as various materials covering, moisture-proof, waterproof, coloring, heat insulation, isolation and so on.
Equipment characteristics:
Swirl drives air distributor to ensure orderly material movement.
Swirling fluidization overcomes the phenomenon of ditch flow and dead angle.
The prepared particles are porous, instant soluble, high globularity, good surface gloss, strong compactness and not easy to break.
Material with poor moisture absorption and fluidity can also be made into qualified particles.

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