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Characteristic Analysis of Pelletizing Equipment-High Speed Mixed Pelletizer

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Granulation equipment is widely used in most industries, such as medicine, food, chemical industry and so on. Different materials have different production processes.

Different materials have different technological requirements. What is the key to choose suitable granulating equipment?

Brief Introduction of Granulation Technology:

Granulation is the process of making granules of certain shape and size from materials in the state of powder, molten liquid and aqueous solution.

The purpose of granulation is: (1) to improve the fluidity, facilitate packing and pressing; and (2) to prevent the segregation of components due to the difference of particle size and density;

(3) Preventing dust from flying and adhering to the wall of the tablet; (4) Adjusting the bulk density to improve the solubility; (5) Improving the pressure transmission in tablet production.

Uniformity of delivery; _Easy to take, easy to carry, improve the value of goods.

Granulation methods: mainly dry granulating, wet granulation, one step granulation, spray granulation and other 4 processes. Among them, wet granulation should be used.

The most widely used.

Application of granulation technology: It is widely used in solid preparations, especially in granules and tablets.

The main wet granulation methods are GHL-high speed mixing granulator, XL-rotary extrusion granulator, YK-swing granulator and SET-screw extruder.

Press granulator, etc.

GHL-High Speed Mixed Granulator

GHL-high-speed mixing granulator is a kind of high efficiency equipment which mixes different powdery materials into granules in one process.


  1. Mixer granulator is a new preparation technology adopted by pharmaceutical industry in China in 1980s. It can not only mix and granulate.
  2. Integration, and the more prominent advantage is the rapid way of operation.
  3. Several formulations can be added to the working vessel at one time, then mixed by stirring and injected into the adhesive - nbsp;, or one formulation and sticking.
  4. The mixture is added to the working container at one time, and the soft material is made by mixing the agitator propeller. The cutter cuts the soft material into granules.
  5. The inner surface of the equipment has no dead angle and works in a closed state, which meets the requirements of GMP.
  6. Uniform granulation and good fluidity provide the best granular raw material for tableting process
  7. The prepared granules are looser than extruded granules and tighter than boiling granulation.


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