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What should be paid attention to in operation of spherical shot blasting machine

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      Spherical shot blasting machine is to make beautiful pellets from wet particles by setting rotating centrifugal disc, blower and pneumatic shot blasting gun. The wet particles made by the former process are put into the rotating centrifugal disk, and then the rotating centrifugal disk is started after starting the blower. The wet particles are subjected to the action of air buoyancy, rotating centrifugal force and self-gravity in the annulus and move in a circular rope-like manner, thus forming spherical pellets with very high true sphericity. What should we pay attention to when we use the spherical shot blaster? Let's talk about it in the next edition.
      Operating the spherical shot blasting machine, we strictly carry out the training of appointed personnel and fixed posts, and are familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine. Operators must check whether all kinds of switches in the control cabinet (panel) are in the required setting position (including power switches) before starting up, in order to avoid misoperation, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, causing equipment accidents. Non-local operators are not allowed to operate or touch the control area of electrical switches at will, and are not allowed to approach the working area of the machine, so as to avoid accidents. Operators must wear protective work clothes, glasses and so on. Operators should pay special attention to all kinds of instrument instructions on the panel when starting. Only when all the instrument instructions reach normal values, can they operate the small crane (roller) into the working procedure. If it is found that there are large errors in individual instrument instructions (abnormal), shut down immediately. After checking the equipment failure, it can start up normally. During the operation of the equipment, the operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal noise and overheating. When serious faults are found in operation, press the "emergency stop" button to stop for repair and cooperate with professionals to troubleshoot the equipment.


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