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Key Inspection Points Before Use of Vacuum Dryer

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Key Inspection Points Before Use of Vacuum Dryer

  Pre-service inspection of vacuum dryer
  1. Before use, the vacuum dryer must check whether the transmission system is working properly and whether the fastening parts are tightened.
  2. Whether oil has been injected into the lubricated part;
  3. Whether the instruments, instruments, pumps and valves are normal or not;
  4. Check whether the instruments, buttons and indicators of the electronic control cabinet are normal, check whether the grounding wire is good, whether there is leakage or short circuit.
  5. Check all kinds of pipes to be unblocked in and out of water, liquid and vapor.
  6. Check whether the speed control button is in the zero position.
  7. If it is heated by steam, check whether the water in the drum jacket of the dryer is discharged cleanly. After discharging the water in the jacket, close the bypass and open the trap.
  8. Check whether the outlet and manhole of the drum of the dryer are sealed and whether the screw is tightened.
  9. Check whether the drum inside the dryer is clean and in place. Check the drum bag inside the dryer regularly. If it is blocked or damaged, it should be cleaned and replaced in time to keep the vacuum unblocked.
  10. Check whether the discharge tools are complete and clean.
  11. Before starting the dryer, make sure that there is no one around the dryer, so that it can start without obstacles.
  Cautions for vacuum dryer:
  1. When vacuum dryer does not need continuous pumping, it should first close the vacuum valve, then close the power supply of the vacuum pump motor, otherwise the vacuum pump oil should be poured back into the box.
  2. When taking out the treated articles, if the flammable articles are treated, the air must be put into the air after the temperature is cooled below the burning point, so as not to cause combustion by oxidation reaction.
  3. It is forbidden to dry explosive articles.
  4. If the drying time is longer and the vacuum degree decreases, the vacuum degree should be recovered by pumping again. The vacuum pump motor switch should be opened first, and then the vacuum valve should be opened.
  5. After vacuum relief, it is not easy to open the door immediately because of the tight deformation between the sealing ring and the glass door. It takes about 30 minutes to open the box door conveniently.


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