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Technical information

Key Inspection Points Before Use of Vacuum Dryer2019-01-19
Key Inspection Points Before Use of Vacuum Dryer    Pre-service inspection of vacuum dryer    1. Before use, the vacuum dryer must check whether the transmission system is working properly and whether the fastening parts are tightened.    2. Whether oil has been injected into the lubricated part;    3. Whether the instruments, instr…Detail
What are the spray methods for fluidized bed coating machines?2019-01-18
     In fluidized bed granulation or pellets and coating process, spray method should be selected according to material properties and product quality in the plan. At present, there are three kinds of fluidized bed spray methods, namely, top type spray, tangential spray and bottom type spray.      (1) top spray   &n…Detail
What should be paid attention to in operation of spherical shot blasting machine2018-11-26
      Spherical shot blasting machine is to make beautiful pellets from wet particles by setting rotating centrifugal disc, blower and pneumatic shot blasting gun. The wet particles made by the former process are put into the rotating centrifugal disk, and then the rotating centrifugal disk is started after starting th…Detail
Characteristic Analysis of Pelletizing Equipment-High Speed Mixed Pelletizer2017-08-09
Granulation equipment is widely used in most industries, such as medicine, food, chemical industry and so on. Different materials have different production processes.Different materials have different technological requirements. What is the key to choose suitable granulating equipment?Brief Introduction of Granulation Technology:Granulation is the…Detail
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