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Changzhou Zhiyang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd will support with Project Initial design—Project Initial confirm—Project detailed design—Project confirm—Select Equipments specification. To provide the advance service for customers, and to insure all the machines are suitable for each production line of customers.
1、Customer’s requirements
Customer requirement should be filed and in which it should be shown the process flow chart for the raw material and standard level for the technology to be reached and so on.
2、The preparatory project design
To choose machine and production process based on the process flow chart and technical standard provided by user and then make preparatory trial process and make trial to customer.
3、Confirm Project design
The user should confirm preparatory trial flow chart provided by supplier whether the trial flow chart suits user’s raw material or not
4、Project design in detail
Supplier make trial based on preparatory project design confirmed by user, and seek for the most suitable process parameters and flow chart through the rial to user
After confirming the process route, operational program, set parameters which meeting customers’ requirement, and save relevant documents secondly with the experimenter, experiment, we will do different kinds of experiment and save relevant documents Secondly with the materials which provided by the customer and the experimenter, experimenter will do experiment and grope for the technology curve. After doing experiments, the experimenter will take note experimental process, phenomena, the operational parameters, equipment running status,etc.
6、Equipment Choice
To choose the type, spec and quantity of equipment base on the process flow confirmed by user, technical standard annual capacity electricity and control requirement and so on.
7、URS User Requirements
Customer can make requirements on the product characteristic, technology, use-age service and so on; And the confirmed documents should be made in contract signed by customer and user.
8、DQ Design Confirmation
User should confirm that the equipment chosen by manufacturer meet GMP, product standard and user’s requirement.
9、FAT factory acceptance test
To do inspection based on the equipment property, technical parameter, configuration of equipment and so on stated in the contract as to ensure each level for the machine meet customer requirement.After inspection and test, the FAT record should be signed by user and supplier.
10、SAT on-site acceptance test
The supplier should make FAT to equipment again as to ensure equipment . And the machine should be packed. And transported based on the requirements stated in the contract after user confirm machine test.
11、IQ Installation Confirmation
To make inspection to all kinds of system of equipment after installing machine, and all the technical documents relevant to the machine should be filed.
12、OQ Operation Confirmation
To do various running tests to the machine and the relevant system as to check whether the machine reach set standard or not;the relevant documents should be filed.
13、PQ performance validation
To guarantee that the equipment or relevant system to equipment had already the performance that performance that we set for trial production. All of them should be filed.

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